Stone blocks are large cubic pieces of stone that is separated from the face of the quarry and is generally cut in six rectangular faces by special machines for processing in stone cutting factories. Basically, rectangular stone blocks with large dimensions, are turned into slabs with a saw machine, and those that are smaller or do not have a good geometric shape are turned into stone tiles with block cutters. The blocks are divided into different grades according to the size and quality of the stone:

1- Singular block: The material of this piece is in good shape. no cracks with color harmony and its dimensions are large and cut in six faces. It weighs between 25 to 27 tons. Only one piece of this type of stone can be loaded for transport.

2- Double blocks: Raw stones that have been cut from the quarry and are in smaller dimensions than a single block and two pieces of it can be transported at the same time. Their shape can be unspecific and different from a rectangular cube.

3- Triple blocks: These stones are smaller; their weights are about one third of a singular block.

Rubble stone is also smaller than these dimensions and is generally used in factories to create even smaller pieces.